In today’s noisy life, finding peace and quiet can be challenging. At Sound of Silence, we understand the importance of creating a space for oneself to recharge and regain positivity. Our sound solutions are designed to bring peace and self-actualization to your life.

We offer a wide range of sound solutions for various settings such as Auditoriums, Cinema, Studios, Spiritual Centers, Worship houses, offices and Workspaces, factories, and much more. Our expert team ensures that the sound criteria of the room are met with safe, secured solutions that are baby-safe and non-harmful.

Our logo represents our commitment to sound isolation and absorption. The two brackets signify our two-step process, where the first bracket represents sound isolation and the second bracket represents absorption. Our solutions offer the right amount of absorption treatment to correct the reverberation/echo in the room. The open brackets signify that our solutions offer flexibility, where you can achieve sound isolation when desired and use the room as normal when soundproofing is not required.

At Sound of Silence, our tagline is “Change the Sound You Listen.” We believe that every room has a purpose and if the room is acoustically designed for the purpose it is being used for, the response of the room will be amazing.

Experience the Sound of Silence and change the way you listen to sound.

This is what we do

Sound Testing


Our sound testing is carried out by acoustic experts, who use specialist equipment to measure and analyze the sound levels in the space.

Testing & Analysis


We are proficient in conducting sound and vibration testing and analyzing the data to suggest proper solutions for the same.



We are the leading providers of quick and efficient installation services to our clients within the stipulated time frame.

Repair & Maintenance


Our team is proficient in providing the best acoustic repair & maintenance services to our clients using the latest equipment.

Our Founder

Aliasgar Sajjad

Aliasgar Sajjad is a renowned Acoustic Expert with over 12 years of experience in delivering top-notch projects in the field of acoustics. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Aliasgar has made a significant contribution to the field of acoustics, helping individuals and businesses achieve optimal sound quality and acoustic design in their spaces.

Throughout his career, Aliasgar has worked on numerous high-end projects across various industries, including auditoriums, cinemas, studios, spiritual centers, worship houses, office and workspaces, and factories. He has helped his clients achieve the perfect acoustic design for their spaces, providing solutions that are both practical and effective.

In addition to his work as an Acoustic Expert, Aliasgar is also committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. He conducts workshops and training sessions for individuals and businesses looking to improve their understanding of acoustics and achieve better sound quality in their spaces.