Our expertise in Acoustic Testing, Consulting, and Execution, sets us apart from those who rely on arbitrary solutions based solely on intuition. By leveraging our specialized knowledge and skills, we ensure precise and reliable outcomes for our clients.

How can we help you shape a better spaces?

For Multiplex & Home Theatres

Enhance your sound system experience with our top-notch Acoustics and Soundproofing Treatment. Achieve optimal sound quality and minimize unwanted noise, ensuring an immersive audio environment. Discover how our specialized solutions can elevate your audio setup to new heights.

For Recording Studios

Effortlessly manage echo and reverberation throughout the process of mixing, editing, and sound recording with our cutting-edge solutions. Take control of your audio environment and achieve pristine sound quality. Discover how our expert techniques and tools can optimize your recordings and enhance the overall audio production process.

For Indoor Spaces

Elevate productivity and communication in your offices and call centers with our premium acoustical treatment solutions. Say goodbye to distracting noise and echo, and create an ideal acoustic environment for enhanced focus and efficiency. Our tailored treatments are designed to optimize sound quality, resulting in improved speech intelligibility and reduced background noise.

For Heritage Structures

Experience exceptional acoustical treatment for heritage structures that preserves their architectural integrity. Our specialized solutions seamlessly blend modern technology with the unique characteristics of historical buildings, enhancing sound quality while respecting their cultural significance.

For Auditoriums

Creating the perfect auditorium is not just about the architectural design, seating arrangement, or lighting. It’s also about the subtle yet crucial element of sound. In the realm of architecture and design, the science and art of acoustics play an instrumental role in shaping the auditory experience. This article dives into the world of acoustic solutions for auditoriums, uncovering how the ‘sound of silence’ can be achieved, and how sound absorption and sound reflection techniques are used to create the perfect auditory environment.